Integral Oasis is an oasis for body, mind and soul. A place where people can retreat to find their bearings and as a springboard or catalyst towards their life’s changes. It is a healing space as well as an example of a sustainable way of life, of how transition is possible in all dimensions and levels of experience. Change tetra-emerges in all quadrants, while doing farm or carpentry work, yoga or contemplation or while communing with people. It can catch us off guard any moment and we must be ready to grab it. Awareness training is at the core of it.
We see people coming to learn how to design their lives and design them, how to  recognise and listen to their calling and act on it, they learn processes, techniques, methods in all quadrants, their interiors and exteriors, in culture and nature. And they share who they are by simply being with us. I envision it as an inspirational space, a First Step towards their new way of being. They may come back for more inspiration, for second steps, deep dives and just because.
People enjoy doing by being, living an integral life, designing their integral life practice and living it on a daily basis. It is a space/time of transformation. We all learn form each other. Our transformation starts a ripple effect that touches many hearts and lives.
It is our home for now, and we open its doors to people undergoing deep change in the way they see and experience themselves in the world, supported  and nurtured by an environment. It has no start or expiration date.